New mining software WinMiner gains rapid popularity

31.08.18 14:20

Mining of cryptocurrencies performs two important functions, confirmation of transactions and getting new coins, thus keeping blockchain operative. Given that mining becomes less profitable, new software has to simplify the process of getting new cryptocurrencies in order to be demanded, and in this article, we will talk about such one.

New promising program for cryptocurrency mining WinMiner has attracted many crypto enthusiasts.  It claims not to be just another tool to mine tokens, but also an analyst which let customers know when to use computing power and when to stop for providing the most productive work of the device and prevent premature wearing out.

The software is free to download on the official website. Users pay a commission of 3% of the total amount of mined digital money.

WinMiner works at the background allowing customers to use the computer for other purposes simultaneously with mining. Due to the intelligent data analysis, you will not notice reduced computer performance.  In short, the application uses free hashing power for mining.

The amount of obtained profit depends on the market price for the cryptocurrency of your choice, the performance of the device and how energy-consuming your activity is. Having analyzed all the above factors, WinMiner can provide an approximate profit forecast. All the data is stored with the blockchain technology, which guarantees maximum safety and reliability. In addition to this, there are no limits to cash money.

WinMiner is also an automatic exchanger of coins for USD. The mined money is stored in US dollar, so users are protected from unexpected cryptocurrency depreciation. Customers may use various ways to withdraw money, such as PayPal, Amazon, and iTunes gift cards. Besides, there is also a possibility to transfer coins to a crypto wallet.

However, WinMiner is a new software, which has not managed to prove itself so far. Some users claim that the application does not always display data accurately, which may cause severe consequences. We’ll keep you posted on the progress of the software and how well it performs in the nearest months.

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