Gemini Trust hired Robert Cornish as its CTO

11.07.18 16:04

Gemini Trust, a crypto exchange platform, hired one of the top Wall Street specialist as its Chief Technology Officer. Gemini Trust is one of the largest crypto exchange platforms that was established by Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss. It gained its fame as a first company to officially launch Zcash currency in the world. Today, the company’s services are available in 48 states in the US and in 7 other countries. GT only uses USD as a fiat currency and provides Zcash, Bitcoin, and Ethereum as digital currencies.

Robert Cornish previously worked at NYSE as a tech executive

Robert Cornish was a Chief Information Officer at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). While working at NYSE, he was responsible for technical support of the electronic trading system. Winklevoss brothers say that on his new position Robert Cornish would have to work on implementing tech solutions in cryptocurrencies exchange workflow. Apart from this, Cornish is supposed to develop the system of monitoring the Nasdaq’s SMARTS market. This being said, he is expected to leverage his knowledge and skills in digital economy and benefit Gemini Trust by using that rare experience.

Winklevoss twins think the Gemini would thrive

In his statement, Cameron Winklevoss said that Robert Cornish is supposed to make the company further provide an excellent service to its customers, consequently maintaining its principles and values. According to Cameron Winklevoss, Gemini Trust is expected to grow bigger and continue holding one of the top positions among the world’s cryptocurrencies exchanges. Robert Cornish would probably make the company’s offering even more technically supported and refined. Given this fact, public is waiting for significant changes in the company’s strategy.

Galaxy Digital and BlockTower Capital have already hired specialists from the Wall Street

Earlier this year, Richard Kim, who served a top executive at Goldman Sachs left Wall Street willing to work for Galaxy Digital as a Chief Operating Officer. James Radecki, who worked for Goldman Sachs left the company in 2016 and decide to join the growing field of crypto economy. Also, another Goldman Sachs’s executive named Michael Bucella dumped the company since eleven years of work in order to join the BlockTower Capital, which was founded by the former Vice-Director of Goldman Sachs – Matthew Goetz.

Companies are ready to invest in HR

Such a great hiring could stay out of attention from both public and businesses. Since such solid enterprises as Gemini Trust, BlockTower Capital, and Galaxy Digital hire specialists from the Wall Streets, Digital Economy tends to become more widely recognized. These facts means two things: first, top cryptocurrencies exchanges are ready to invest money in top human resources, thus investing in the companies’ potential; second, top performers in the tech field are ready to engage in crypto economy, hence it is becoming more stable and secure these days.

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