issues the first debit cards for cryptocurrency MCO VISA

12.09.18 13:23

Cryptocurrency is not a virtual rarity anymore; it gets into common spheres of human life, and the appearance of VISA debit crypto card confirms it. This event has to accelerate the international acceptance of digital money and make it popular not only among cryptoenthusiasts but also among ordinary people.

Chris Marszalek, co-founder and CEO of, said that everyone would be able to have a cryptocard, which allows making payments in retail outlets same as any credit or debit card. The total number of such places is 40,000,000. After installing a specially developed application, MCO card will function wherever VISA is supported. The app will also provide a wallet for both crypto and fiat money.

The card can be ordered on; so far, only residents of the USA, Europe, and Asia can buy it. Customers can pay for the purchase not with fiat money, but with MCO cryptocurrency. At present, one MCO token equals 4,25 USD.

The crypto card was conceived in 2016 by company, which is a pioneer in developing financial products that can support cryptocurrency. MCO card is a prominent example of such products. Due to it, cryptoholders will be able to manage their digital assets as conveniently as fiat money. Besides, it can offer more than an ordinary debit card.

The developers guarantee that customers will not pay any monthly or annual fees and that the card delivery will be free. Users will be able to pay with local currency in every outlet, and the conversion will allow saving 5-8%. Cash can be withdrawn from ATMs without commission charges around the world. Clients may freeze and unfreeze cards by themselves instantly, and notifications about all the transactions will be delivered to a specified phone number. Even though the cards are not issued by any bank, owners will be provided with round-the-clock customer support. offer six cards, which differ in color, features, and price. One of them is free. Some cards will have cashback up to 2% and access to airport lounge worldwide.

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