Horizen knows how to prevent 51% attack

Elite universities of the USA invest in cryptocurrency

Universities not only introduce cryptocurrency courses to their curriculum but also invest in different crypto projects. On 5 October, Blumberg publis […]

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The National Bank of Kuwait became a partner of Ripple

A revolutionary technology Ripple uses blockchain to make payments quick, and big financial institutions welcome this improvement; now, the time for m […]

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Cryptocurrency is not a virtual rarity anymore; it gets into common spheres of human life, and the appearance of VISA debit crypto card confirms it. T […]

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New mining software WinMiner gains rapid popularity

Mining of cryptocurrencies performs two important functions, confirmation of transactions and getting new coins, thus keeping blockchain operative. Gi […]

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Cryptocurrency scamming gathers pace in Great Britain

Nowadays, crypto scamming finds new ways to cheat trusting investors. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority warns that criminals use celebrities’ […]

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Is the popularity of blockchain justified?

The blockchain is considered a revolutionary technology that has a high potential to make a real breakthrough in the world of finances.  However, yea […]

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Cryptocurrency ownership rights are discussed in the US despite major skepticism

Cryptocurrency is among the trends of 2018 yet the tone of discussion varies: from admiration to absolute mockery, even coming from the officials. Onc […]

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The Experts Are Confident of Ethereum’s Value

Despite the high risks associated with crypto investing, the professionals are sure that Ethereum is a worthy investment. The top-notch executives and […]

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Cryptocurrency is becoming more popular among women

The male-dominated industry In present times, the blockchain industry is massively dominated by men. According to CNBC, an American news channel, abo […]

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