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Verge – An Old-Timer That People Didn’t Hear Of Until 2017

17.07.18 123

Protection of privacy of communications on the Internet realized through anonymous networks TOR and i2P. Such networks designed to protect user data from third-party surveillance by entangling IP, so transactions are entirely […]

Zclassic: A Fully Decentralized Anonymous Coin

16.07.18 121

The expansion of the cryptocurrency idea was rapid and fast. The world suddenly stopped looking at the idea of decentralized digital currency after the rise of Bitcoin that was accompanied by a massive coverage from various m […]

Guide to Bytecoin for beginners. BCN future forecast

09.07.18 237

Despite all the advantages of the most popular cryptocurrency - Bitcoin - it does not allow holders and traders to keep their data in secret, and the more you want to stay anonymous, the more effort and money you have to spen […]

How to Buy Bitcoin Anonymously? | 4Crypto

09.07.18 275

Cryptocurrency as a new kind of money has shocked the world with new opportunities it provides and with the way it works. Many people found some features of digital money extremely appealing, and one of them was anonymity of […]

NEO vs Ethereum: major differences between the biggest blockchain platforms

09.07.18 92

Ethereum is the very first platform based on blockchain that enabled developers to build and deploy DApps. Nowadays, almost every ICO is based on ERC20 tokens and Ethereum’s co-creator Vitalik Buterin is considered as one t […]

How to Invest In Cryptocurrency: Breaking Down The Basics | 4Crypto

22.06.18 227

Recent years gave birth to a brand new shocker to discuss - the cryptocurrency and its rising value. Today you can’t imagine 2016 or 2017 without claims like “buying Bitcoin will make you filthy rich” or “why investin […]

What are the most profitable ICO bounty programs in 2018?

21.06.18 96

ICO bounty programs Usually, ICO requires some investment from people who want to have a profit. However, there is another way to be involved in this complicated system without spending your own money. Bounty campaigns are c […]

Ethereum guide

21.06.18 104

Although known as one of the most valuable and prospective cryptocurrency, first of all Ethereum is a platform intended for development of decentralized (i.e. not subordinated to governmental and other authoritative structure […]

How to Buy Digital Currencies

21.06.18 69

Last year opened the eyes of many people to the volatile nature of cryptocurrencies, especially how it could benefit them financially. For example, Bitcoin started the year at barely 1000 USD, but as at December its price was […]

What is cloud mining?

20.06.18 80

Cryptocurrency is constantly gaining popularity, and almost everybody today owns or wants to own virtual money. Services adopt to the customers’ needs, and nowadays we can mine coins with no efforts. Companies that possess […]