Author: CryptoMaster

Beginners Guide to Bitcoin Cash

18.06.18 95

The days of asking what cryptocurrency is are long gone.  With the recent upsurge of bitcoin prices especially in the late 2017, no one bother going into finer details when introducing cryptocurrency since it a very wide top […]

Detailed Ripple cryptocurrency guide

14.06.18 127

Ripple is a prototype of an open payment system. The essence of this system is to get rid of the mediation of banks and other financial organizations. This world calculations system allows transferring within seconds almost a […]

Thai Regulator Introduced New Crypto Regulation Legalizing 7 Coins & ICOs

14.06.18 103

Securities & Exchange Commission, Thailand, adopted new regulatory framework (a royal decree) for cryptos on the meeting held on June, 7, 2018. The decree will come into force later in June. Its adoption was the result of […]

The best cryptocurrency wallets. Find your perfect depository

13.06.18 288

As soon as you decide to use virtual money, you have to see to a cryptocurrency wallet, because you cannot buy, store, or spend your digital coins without it. What is a cryptocurrency wallet? The wallet is your personal way t […]

MasterCard Plans to Put Credit Cards on Public Blockchain

13.06.18 262

On the 8th of June, Mastercard (a giant financial services corporation) has released a statement, saying that it will use the infamous blockchain technology. As for the justification, Mastercard explained that it came up with […]

Understanding Blockchain Technology

13.06.18 83

About 10 years ago, Humanity experienced a new dawn. Currency went from analog to digital with the invention of the first cryptocurrency- Bitcoin. Ever since then, many experts in the field have been studying the technology b […]

Where we can pay by bitcoin

13.06.18 104

Bitcoin is the source of a modern gold rush, and perhaps everybody would have bought this currency in 2010 if there was an opportunity to turn back the time. Perhaps, fiat money will become antiques in the nearest future, […]

What is an initial coin offering and how can you profit from it

12.06.18 135

Initial coin offering (ICO) has recently become the most discussed topic on the web. About five years ago, only the most desperate brave ones bought cryptocurrency, but now it is called “money of the future” and is consid […]