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Is the popularity of blockchain justified?

28.08.18 139

The blockchain is considered a revolutionary technology that has a high potential to make a real breakthrough in the world of finances.  However, years of investments and improvements gave no significant result. The idea of […]

Electroneum review. Mine coins with your smartphone|

13.08.18 170

A new cryptocurrency Electroneum has shocked crypto investors with its proposals. It has unified many positive characteristics of digital money, and what is the most important, it offers a lot to avid smartphone users. The […]

Cryptocurrency ownership rights are discussed in the US despite major skepticism

10.08.18 115

Cryptocurrency is among the trends of 2018 yet the tone of discussion varies: from admiration to absolute mockery, even coming from the officials. Once a priority of tech geeks only, the crypto haze has reached the US Congres […]

Vertcoin review. Everything you have to know before investing

30.07.18 144

Decentralization is an indispensable condition of money of the future, which gives everyone equal rights, and due to cryptocurrency, this idea managed to move from the realm of Utopia to reality. Of course, it is not the only […]

Stellar VS Ripple. What is the difference and which coin is better| 4Crypto

30.07.18 126

Ripple and Stellar are created by one person. They have the same aim, to make payments as easy, cheap, and quick as possible. So, what are the differences between the projects? What are their features and how they distinguish […]

What is WaBi Coin? All you need to know about the new anti-counterfeit cryptocurrency

18.07.18 145

WaBi is a rather new cryptocurrency that was released in 2017. It is aimed at combating counterfeit consumer products. How exactly does WaBi Coin do it? Whether this young cryptocurrency deserves your attention? Let us find o […]

QTUM coin and its Cloud Mining services

18.07.18 128

What is Qtum Foundation? Qtum Foundation is an international enterprise that owns lots of crypto resources. The company has its own opensource blockchain that is accessible to everyone. Qtum is mostly oriented on providing i […]

Verge – An Old-Timer That People Didn’t Hear Of Until 2017

17.07.18 123

Protection of privacy of communications on the Internet realized through anonymous networks TOR and i2P. Such networks designed to protect user data from third-party surveillance by entangling IP, so transactions are entirely […]

Zclassic: A Fully Decentralized Anonymous Coin

16.07.18 121

The expansion of the cryptocurrency idea was rapid and fast. The world suddenly stopped looking at the idea of decentralized digital currency after the rise of Bitcoin that was accompanied by a massive coverage from various m […]

The Experts Are Confident of Ethereum’s Value

16.07.18 309

Despite the high risks associated with crypto investing, the professionals are sure that Ethereum is a worthy investment. The top-notch executives and venture capitalists don't hesitate to pick Ethereum among all the other cr […]