Author: CryptoMaster

Horizen knows how to prevent 51% attack

29.10.18 439

The famous attack on ZenCash occurred on 3 June. The attacker took control over the mining network and sold 23,152.3 coins twice. How does such hacking happen? A cybercriminal sends a transaction, and before the mining […]

Elite universities of the USA invest in cryptocurrency

28.10.18 181

Universities not only introduce cryptocurrency courses to their curriculum but also invest in different crypto projects. On 5 October, Blumberg published an article that Yale University chose Paradigm fund as an object for in […]

Cardano review. Future of financial world or overvalued crypto project?

22.10.18 194

Cardano is a revolutionary crypto technology inspired by scientific philosophy. It was conceived as a system that allows both companies and ordinary users launching financial applications on the platform. All the regulations […]

Tether (USDT) review. A revolutionary converting tool or genius scam?

22.10.18 324

Tether cryptocurrency stands out against other digital coins because of the ratio to USD; the chart that displays it looks straight. How does it manage to avoid exchange rate fluctuation, what Tether was created for, and what […]

The National Bank of Kuwait became a partner of Ripple

14.09.18 95

A revolutionary technology Ripple uses blockchain to make payments quick, and big financial institutions welcome this improvement; now, the time for money transfers has shrunk from a few days to four seconds. Global banks mak […]

Decentraland (MANA) review: meet the revolutionary VR technology |4Crypto

14.09.18 317

Do you find real world far from perfection? Have you thought that if you were a creator, you’d construct everything in a different and much better way? Well, now virtuality can offer such an opportunity to everybody. No […] issues the first debit cards for cryptocurrency MCO VISA

12.09.18 209

Cryptocurrency is not a virtual rarity anymore; it gets into common spheres of human life, and the appearance of VISA debit crypto card confirms it. This event has to accelerate the international acceptance of digital money a […]

Monacoin review. Why the Japanese cryptocurrency is so promising

07.09.18 4487

The idea of digital money that can be launched with any conditions of the creators quickly captivated the World. It’s not a surprise since cryptocurrency does not require physical means, unlike fiat money; it exists only li […]

New mining software WinMiner gains rapid popularity

31.08.18 151

Mining of cryptocurrencies performs two important functions, confirmation of transactions and getting new coins, thus keeping blockchain operative. Given that mining becomes less profitable, new software has to simplify the p […]

Cryptocurrency scamming gathers pace in Great Britain

30.08.18 110

Nowadays, crypto scamming finds new ways to cheat trusting investors. Britain’s Financial Conduct Authority warns that criminals use celebrities’ images and fake addresses to make people invest in a crypto scam. The sourc […]