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Elite universities of the USA invest in cryptocurrency

Universities not only introduce cryptocurrency courses to their curriculum but also invest in different crypto projects. On 5 October, Blumberg published an article that Yale University chose Paradigm fund as an object for in […]

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Cardano review. Future of financial world or overvalued crypto project?

Cardano is a revolutionary crypto technology inspired by scientific philosophy. It was conceived as a system that allows both companies and ordinary users launching financial applications on the platform. All the regulations […]

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Tether (USDT) review. A revolutionary converting tool or genius scam?

Tether cryptocurrency stands out against other digital coins because of the ratio to USD; the chart that displays it looks straight. How does it manage to avoid exchange rate fluctuation, what Tether was created for, and what […]

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Decentraland (MANA) review: meet the revolutionary VR technology |4Crypto

Do you find real world far from perfection? Have you thought that if you were a creator, you’d construct everything in a different and much better way? Well, now virtuality can offer such an opportunity to everybody. No […]

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